Contributing to OpenTeacher is very easy, because OpenTeacher is, as the name implies, open source software. For us, this not only means that everyone can see the source code, but also that everyone can contribute! If you want to help, you can start contributing immediately at the Launchpad platform, meet us at the chat (#openteacher at, or you can e-mail us at

There are several ways to contribute to OpenTeacher:

  • Help developing
    OpenTeacher can always use developers. Are you experienced in the Python language and the Qt4 framework? Then go to Launchpad and help us immediately! We are currently also looking for:
    • Designers. It's important that OpenTeacher looks good! Do you know anything about design? Contact us.
  • Help translating
    We are always looking for people who want to help us translate OpenTeacher! Currently OpenTeacher is only available in English and Dutch, so translators are very welcome. Language files are available at Launchpad in the Qt TS file format. You can easily translate directly via Launchpad. Another option is Qt Linguist.
  • Help testing
    To make sure OpenTeacher works fine, we need people to test the latest revisions of OpenTeacher. You can download the sources of the individual revisions from the bzr branch lp:openteacher. If you find any bugs, in the revisions or the releases, please report a bug at Launchpad.
  • Help distributing
    To make sure everyone can use OpenTeacher, it is important that OpenTeacher is being released on as many platforms as possible. Packaging for Mac OS X is a problem right now because we don't have a Mac. We are looking for people who own a Mac and can help packaging. Also people who run Linux distributions or other systems (especially OpenSuSE) OpenTeacher isn't packaged for are welcome.
  • Help promoting
    Tell your friends, teachers and students about OpenTeacher. The best way to make people use OpenTeacher is to tell them it exists!